Staklo armirano bezbojno


Staklo armirano 6 mm bezbojno



Unutarnji prostori: pregradni zidovi, unutarnja vrata, namještaj

Vanjski prostori: prozori, ulazna vrata, garažna vrata, ulazna vrata haustora i prolaza


 -Sigurnosna: armirano žicom koja sprečava rasprskavanje i ozljede kod pucanja pa se smatra sigurnosnim staklom

- Vatrootporna: imaju otpornost na vatru i požar te mogu da izdrže do 30 minuta izloženosti otvorenom plamenu i požaru prije rasprskavanja


Videp uzorci satkal armiranog



Fire resistance is the reason why IMAGIN WIRED exists. Regarded highly for its flame-retardant properties, this clear glass with an integrated metal wire mesh holds the glass in place in case of breakage. Ideal for decorative or architectural applications, this range of four products (Wired “O” ½”, Wired “S” ½”, Wired Crepi ½” and Polished Wired Safety Glass) is available in a thickness of 6 mm or 7 mm (depending on the product) and in a range of standard sizes. The latter is a perfectly flat clear polished wired glass allowing unique design possibilities. It is also the only one offering safety features according to standard EN 12600.


Fire-resistant properties:

  • Wired glass (E30/E45)
  • Polished wired glass (E30)


Safety glass properties:

  • Safety polished wired glass (EN12600)



Interior use: suitable for interior applications such as walls, furniture, partitions and doors.
Exterior use: can be used for doors and windows, façade, atriums and roofs.

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